Book Release

Welland has been a Artistic Den for many decades, yet with such talent coursing through the streets of such a missunderstood city. We artist pop up in ways that is unsuspecting to the civilization of Welland and with a beautiful surprise we immerse the city in such Arts as Music, painting and Poetry!!!

For the past 3 years I have been hosting a Poetry Series in Welland and it has expanded from 1 Cafe “The Black Sheep Lounge” into many Cafes/ Restaurants. Which is a blessing to have such support and Love for Poetry and the Community that Poets, Beatniks and storytellers bring to the city they live in.

Even though the reality of all these Poetry Movements, Starting with the Beat Generation. The Poets has a life of a decade of being in the publics eye. It is a decade of beauty, blessings and bountiful words. It shall move back into the shadows of society, like all things. But as we have Poetry growing and moving though the veins of our cities. We Poets will enjoy the sun for the decade we get to bathe in it and enjoy the city streets we immerse ourselves in to find the muse and inspiration to produce books upon books.

Leaving a stain on society and its many years of changes and progression from 1 Artist Den to the next.

As an Poet. We love this ebb and flow of “fame” and support we receive and the “falling form fame” we gain after years of book releases, reading series and all that we have the honour to touch with our words.

So come on out to the events in your city, support your local artists and enjoy all that culture brings to the forefront of your cities and society: )

New year. New series of. Poetry and music!!

2019…. Holds the unknown. Like every new year.

But I can assure you that 2019 will hold a new series of dates that will have Poets and Musicians coming together under one roof. For one cause……to have this world ravished by Peace,,Love and Understanding. As each performance will help open The Doors of Perception and increase the Love and Hope we have for this world and all its beauty hidden in the mundane and expansive existence!!!

For more details. More information. Lok to other social media mediums!!!

Remember to Love This World with No End!!!

Yours Truly Taylor Peebles/Dorian Grey

Getting ready for 2019 Reading Series!!

As we have ended a great year of Poetry. We begin to get ready to move into 2019 for some more Poetry and Music!!

Poetry Takes the Nite……is getting ready for 2019 reading series. For the future we are having 4 dates full of Poets and Musicians sharing all their talents and adventures. As well as the time has been expanded to give the audience a more wider scope and brooder form of Poets and Musicians.

We are working on the roster now and will be posting more information about the “whos” soon. So keep your eyes peels and ears ipen for more news and Poetry Takes the Nite!!

Thank you and Keep on with the Peace, Love and Understanding!!!

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2019…. Another glorious year for Poetry!!!

A night with A Genuine Gentle poet

Saturday The 29th of September.

Poetry Takes the Nite hosted Heather Cadsby.

She read from her book “Standing in the flock of connectiins” Published by Brick Books. This book is filled with gentle insight of death, life, love, friendship, pain, and smiles and how even the smallest incidents. We Are All Connected”

Heathers word play is fabulous and playful to all ears from all sides of the tracks. Taking some “Old Hat” saying and turning them into “New suits” to walk around in!!

Saturday morning sessions. Leonard Cohen covers – SoundCloud

Listen to Saturday morning sessions. Leonard Cohen covers by Taylor Peebles #np on #SoundCloud s

The Purple House

The poem you are about to read

Is a poem from my latest book “The Chaos The Calm”.

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